How to Avoid a Bad Haircut?

Have you ever felt frustrated that every visit is always a bad haircut? It's like a persistent suitor that will never go away despite you saying that you are not interested at all. The issue with haircuts is your instructions are not definite like 1 + 1 is always 2.

How short is short? How thin is thin? The subjective instructions coupled with the carelessness of some hairstylists is the cause of a bad haircut.

The solution to avoid a bad haircut is quite similar to finding a soulmate and talking to a foreigner. How is it similar, you ask?

Finding your soulmate. The price, the brand and the appearance of the hairstylist are not determinant of the quality. What you should be looking for is someone that understands you well. Someone you could communicate with without any fear or hesitation. If the current hairstylist is not the right one, continue searching till you find the perfect one.

Talking to a foreigner. I believe majority of us have traveled to a country that doesn't speak our language. So how do you communicate with them? You speak in the most concise and simple English while utilizing hand gestures. In the context of the salon, if you want to cut your hair short, you would display with your fingers how short you want them to be and you would tell the hairstylist to "cut this short". This way the hairstylist would roughly know how short you want it to be.


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