Updates #4 Deciding on Topics, Tuk Tuk Cha & High Net Worth!

I have been devouring all the posts from Paris To Go. I'm absolutely fascinated by her writing style. It is so personal and engaging, every single post is a treat. Even though I'm not interested in a zero waste and Paris lifestyle, I still find myself poring through every post trying to figure out how she did it. Her readers were commenting that they read every single posts and were sharing their thoughts on those posts. This is the kind of blog and writing style I'm aspiring to. It's a complete opposite of Buzzfeed and those kinfolk-esque blogs that only have beautiful photographs.

I had a realization while reading her blog. The Living Inventory is slowly veering towards a Buzzfeed kind of blog. I'm making lists with short paragraphs and attractive photos to satisfy the short attention span of the readers. There's no personality and depth at all. The blog is like an information center that is using short and easy posts to attract views.

That's why there will be some changes from next week onward. With Paris To Go as a model to aspire to, I will be focusing on writing more personal and in-depth posts. The topics will revolve around a large part of my social life. I will also continue on improving my writing skills by writing more and keeping a notebook for picking up interesting words and phrases to be used in the blog.

I listed all the things in my life, the likes, dislikes, interests and so on. Then i started circling those that defines who i am and set out to write about those topics. That way it will be personal and genuine and makes it easier for me to write and interesting for you to read.
Life Updates
So Tuk Tuk Cha just opened nearby. Surprisingly there wasn't a lot of people, i think it was even lesser than Gong Cha. Anyway i got their milk coffee ($2.80) which tasted a lot like our kopi peng kau. Interestingly it had some hints of chocolate in the coffee. On the other hand, i think the milk tea was fantastic. The tea was strong enough and the milk was creamy and smooth, unlike the diluted milk teas from Gong Cha that tasted nothing like milk tea. The milkyness and sweetness lasted pretty well even after the ice have melted. Oh and besides the kopi peng, there was the $1 ice cream i got from my grandfather. He gave us 4 boxes of ice cream when my family visited him. He sells ice cream along East Coast Park. Apparently i heard that you need to have a license to buy the ice creams from the factory and it costs pretty cheap ($3-$5).

Reading List
High Net Worth - http://www.hnworth.com/
I happened to chance upon this website when a few of my friends shared an article on an interview with Irene Ang. The interview was well done and it was also in depth as well, which many media sites are lacking of whenever they interview someone. While poring through the website i came across an interview of Dione Song, Managing Director of Zalora, and you know what? She's only 27 this year! She joined Zalora in 2012 and in 3 years she became MD. It's so inspiring that one can achieve so much before 30!


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