How to Celebrate Christmas Alone?

I've always been fond of Christmas. As a kid, the thought of receiving presents were so exciting. TV channels would constantly be airing Christmas movies. And when i walked down, Orchard Road i could see Christmas lights strewn across the street lights. Starbucks would be playing Christmas carols incessantly when i was working as a barista. The most exciting part about Christmas beside the presents was the Christmas dinner where family and friends get together to enjoy a wonderful evening.

I feel that the barrage of Christmas movies and decorations have made me desperate to celebrate Christmas. The whole idea of shopping for gifts, preparing dinner and dinning with your family is such a fun and novel experience for me. Sadly my family and friends doesn't celebrate Christmas. Nevertheless that does not mean i can't celebrate Christmas alone!

Christmas Carols
Listening to Christmas music is the perfect way to get into the festive mood. For me, Michael Buble is the gold standard when it comes to Christmas music. The album features a rendition of multiple Christmas classics and some of Michael's own Christmas music. I always start out the month of December by listening to his album wherever i go.

Christmas Treats
With Christmas around the corner, you would find all sorts of Christmas treats in abundance. I'm not much of a fan of candy canes but I sure love a Toffee Nut Latte from Starbucks! Sometimes when i'm free i would drop by Starbucks on a Saturday morning to grab a cup of Toffee Nut Latte and listen to the Christmas music in Starbucks while reading a book.

Christmas Movies
I'm not sure about you but Home Alone will always be my definitive Christmas movie. I think it is because channel 5 always run it during Christmas? Nevertheless it is still a fun and exciting movie to watch and it never fails to bring out those christmasy feels.

This may be breaking the rules a bit because it involves your friends or family. My group of friends doesn't celebrate Christmas, but occasionally we have a friend that will buy gifts for us. It feels nice to receive presents from your friend and it feels even better when you are giving presents to your friends. There was once when he give us a calendar with comic book covers on it. Although it didn't cost much but i really liked it since i love superhero comics.
Decked the Halls
Decorate your room with Christmas lights and bed sheets. Switch your phone wallpaper into a picture of a giant Christmas tree! Paint reindeer on your nails!


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