Updates #3 Going on a Deleting Spree, using Facebook Ads and Wagyu Beef Pizza

Hello again! I've been going through the usual bouts of despair. I'm not really sure what I have to do to attract more people to the blog. Now I'm just living on some random posts to draw people from google. I've been trying to write within the themes i set for myself which is good. I will probably be using Facebook Ads soon. I don't have a lot of friends to help me grow my blog so no choice. And i think learning how to use Facebook Ads may be useful in the future.

I'm also going on a deleting spree in my blog. I feel that the blog has been too clogged up with unrelated posts that doesn't fit the theme i want. There are posts about mrt and there are posts about some random news on shooting in the US. I'm hoping my efforts are making a difference.

Life Updates
So recently i went to Coastal Settlement with my internship colleagues for dinner.

The place was quite ulu. We had to go to Tampines Interchange and take bus 29 for 20 minutes to reach this place. Anyway the above pizza is half Wagyu Beef and half garlic prawn. It costs $25. The Wagyu Beef pizza tastes quite similar to Timbre's duck pizza. The only difference was the meat. The beef slices were juicy compared to Timbre's duck pizza that tasted kind of dry. But, I probably won't be going back again. The place is too far.

- O.Y.K.X


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