Updates #1 Figuring out the Blog's Posting Schedule

Here goes, I'm assuming there are regular readers of my blog, I hope so! You would have notice I didn't post anything this week, reason is I'm trying to sort out the routine for posting the articles weekly. It got so jumbled up and messy after so much have happened in life, I was helping my friends out with their theater project. As of now the plan is finally set, I will be posting on every Thursday, 3 posts a week or hopefully more than that. Then I will publish the posts on Facebook on Thursday and throughout the weekends. 

Aside from the posting schedule, I'm also trying to create a certain theme for my blog. My observation throughout the year was all the posts are all over the place in terms of theme and topic. What I'm trying to do here is to create a consistent theme throughout the blog, in hopes of drawing more readers regularly. As you can see previously, every week's topic is vastly different.

Anyway, I hope to continue updating you all regularly on the progress of the blog and my life. I will use 'Updates #No.' to indicate that it is an update for my blog and life! And that's all for now, have a good weekend, stay safe and enjoy life, because life is too short to constantly worry about irrelevant things!

O. Y. K. X.
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