Nutella and Go Review

Nutella and Go
Inside Nutella and Go
Dipping breadsticks into Nutella and go

Nutella and Go! is like nicotine patches for your Nutella addiction. It may not be as satisfying as eating from a jar, but it still curbs that craving for awhile. It is compact enough to be stored in your bag so you don't have to worry about not having any food around you.

I felt that the bread sticks provided were too little compared to the huge amount of Nutella given, so I ended up using my fingers to clean up the compartment which is unsightly, but the last thing you want to do was to let those precious drops of hazelnut goodness go to waste. 

And if you are wondering, the "Malted" bread sticks does not taste like Maltesers, it's just plain ol' bread sticks. It's funny how they describe biscuit isn't it? Overall Nutell and Go! is excellent to have some around so you can have your daily dosage of Nutella!

Verdict: A
Sold at: Bought from NTUC
Price: $1.90
Made in Italy


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