November Playlist - Coldplay's Last Album, Adele and more!

This month's playlist includes Adele's new single Hello, which is a "must have" for any playlists. Also in the midst of all the Adele hype, Coldplay has gone unnoticed with its new song and possibly their last album as hinted by them. Coldplay was formed in 1996 and they have come a long way since their inception. They may not have retained their distinctive somber music from their first few albums but they had evolved with our times, from utilizing orchestra instruments in Viva La Vida to the current song that relies heavily on electronic beats that appeals to young people today.

This month's playlist also feature two new artist, LEON and Alessia Cara. There is not much known about LEON except she had released only one album. One of her notable songs, Treasure, opens with her rich solid vocals and is mixed in with groovy electronic beats that is sure to enthrall you. Next is Alessia Cara a Canadian singer-songwriter co-signed by Drake. She is an uprising star with more than a million views on her music videos. Her signature soulful voice with her antisocial attitudes that scorns at conventional social rules, appeals to Lorde's fans which has a huge potential to hit the charts.

Adventure Of A Lifetime - Coldplay
Hello - Adele
History - One Direction
Bird Set Free - Sia
Treasure - LEON
Delilah - Florence + The Machine
Four Pink Walls - Alessia Cara


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