7 Style Tips for Singaporean Men to Create a Lasting Good Impression

First impressions are important. We are visual beings and we base our first impression mostly on how people dress themselves and their mannerisms. And getting that good first impression is important in setting the right note in any budding relationship. If you start out with a lousy impression, it sticks with you and it takes some time to change the person's impression of you. That's why I collated this list of tips based on my past experience and observations in hopes of it being helpful to you.

1. Avoid Wearing Slippers
Slippers are sloppy and the flip flopping sound is even worse. It just shows that you are lazy and you don't care. And very often, it is the first thing people notice. To improve your first impression you could wear covered shoes instead of slippers. It shows that you had put in the effort to look good and you give the due respect to the person you are with and the situation you are in. And if you are wondering what kind of shoes to get you may want to check out the guide i wrote on choosing the perfect shoes for school.
2. Avoid Printed Logo Tee
You are not a walking advertisement. Why should you pay 50+ dollars to buy a T-shirt with just a logo on it? They don't even pay you to advertise for them. You are better off wearing the 7 dollars Uniqlo plain tee that looks more appropriate for your age than the Fred Perry T-shirt that makes you look like a young punk and a walking billboard.

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3. Stop Wearing Your Football Jersey
Everybody knows that you like football, but you don't have to go to the extend of wearing it to every place you go. My take on this is that jerseys are only acceptable when you are buying takeaway from the kopitiam or meeting your girlfriend nearby. Nobody in school or at work needs to know you are a fan of whatever club.

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4. Too much Berms
I know Singapore is hot and humid. However that does not mean that you have to wear berms everyday. It's acceptable to wear it occasionally if the weather gets too hot. But You should consider switching it up with jeans or chino because long pants makes you look smarter and it's less casual than berms. You don't want to look to casual to the point that nobody takes you seriously.

5. Wear more Collared Shirts
It's time to stock up on polo shirts and dress shirts. You do not want to look like a teenager when you go out with your girlfriend. Collared shirts gives you a smarter look and it's more suitable when you are out in town. And never pop up your collar, it's hideous and it makes you look like ah bengs from one of Jack Neo's movie. The only reason for raising your collars is to shield the sun from your neck.

6. Fitting Shirts and Pants
Wearing over-sized shirts and pants just shows you make poor decisions or your parents/girlfriend buy your clothes. Buying your clothes should be done by yourself. And always try out the clothes before buying it. If it's not the right size you should ask for the right size. If they don't have it then go to another store or taper it, don't be lazy and settle for less. Wearing a fitted shirt and pants is important in making yourself look sharp. You don't want those excess cloth flapping around and creasing.

7. Stop Hanging Keys On Your Pants
This is the most ridiculous thing you should stop doing! I see a lot of people hanging their keys on their pants making those metal hitting sounds. You should stop doing it, you are not a janitor. Did you realize that only janitors hang their keys on their pants because they have to clean different rooms?

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