6 Starbucks Secrets You Didn't Know!

1. Your Favorite Caramel Macchiato is not made out of Caramel!
Truth is, caramel macchiato is made out of vanilla syrup instead of caramel syrup. The only caramel in the drink is the caramel sauce on top of the drink.

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2. Secret Starbucks Syrups!
You may not know that aside from the standard range of syrups, there are syrups that are not used in any of the drinks on the menu. The syrups are hazelnut and raspberry which some of you may have tried it before. However, there is an Irish cream syrup as well! The Irish cream syrup is a wonderful addition to any chocolate based frappuccinnos. It makes the drink creamier and more chocolaty. To my knowledge, the syrups is only offered in Starbucks that have high volume of customers.

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3. The only Free Drink in Starbucks besides Tap Water!
The free drink is called baby macchiato. It's basically milk foam. You know those foam you have on top the latte? Yes, it's that. The drink is mostly ordered by ang moh parents for their infants. You can try asking for one, if you are lucky the barista might drizzle some chocolate syrup on top of it!

4. There's a Singapore Starbucks Secret Menu!
You may have read the Starbucks secret menu on Facebook and you would have realized that a majority of the drinks can't be made in Singapore or doesn't taste that good. That's why I have created a Singapore version of the Starbucks secret menu that was based on my experience working for Starbucks for 2 years, it feature drinks like lemon barley and Ribena!

Link: Starbucks Secret Menu Singapore Edition

5. The Starbucks Card Free Drink Loop Hole!
You may have realized that Starbucks have changed it's Starbucks card reward system. Now it is all about accumulating stars and the rewards sucks. Anyway, there was a loophole in the old system where you could buy a Starbucks card and register online to get a free drink, then you use the card to buy another card and you register it to get another free drink. Too bad, it's gone now.

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6. You can Make any Drink you want!
The Starbucks I worked at have many ang moh customers. And I realized ang mohs have the most interesting orders. One in particular was a lady that could not drink regular milk or soy milk so she brought her own almond milk from NTUC for us to make her latte. The truth is Baristas often are told to accede to any request as long as it can be done. That's why any drink is possible at Starbucks as long you can come up with it!

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