5 Affordable Watches Similar to Daniel Wellington

I must admit, Daniel Wellington watches are darn good looking. But with those pretty looks comes an expensive price tag. Students like me may find it hard to shell out $300 for a watch that is Made in China. Of course everything are Made in China nowadays, but if you ponder on the price a little more, you would realize that you could go for a short vacation with that amount of money. That's why we have done the research for you, sourcing for similar watches that are affordable!

1. ASOS Watch with Interchangeable Strap
This watch feature a gold bezel that has a nylon strap in blue and white stripes rounding off with leather at each ends. The watch contains the standard three hand movement and dash indices with a roman number on the 12 o'clock spot. What make this watch truly exquisite and unique is the attention to details, from the gold roman number to the leather ends of the strap. Each fine detail imbues a distinctive look of luxury and sophistication to the watch.

If you place it side by side with a DW, one might believe this is the watch that costs $300. At the end of the day, who would actually look that close at the watch to judge whether is it DW or not? It is the overall looks that stands out not the small logo on the watch.

2. Reclaimed Vintage Canvas Strap Watch
Turning a notch down is the Reclaimed Vintage Watch. You may notice it is almost identical to DW, however the difference is the rose gold bezel and it only has two hand movements, a minute and a hour hand only. Nevertheless this watch is still solid on its own. Costing at a fraction of DW's price, this is the watch to go for if you want a watch that is almost identical to DW without the fancy details from the previous one.

ASOS $55.12

3. Cotton On Joplin 2 in 1 Watch
This watch features an all silver bezel and watch face. The watch also comes with two straps, stripe and solid colored, which is good to change up now and then to match your outfit. It is also a tad easier to tell time since it has numbers on its face. Besides the extra strap, there is nothing much to rave about. This could possibly be the watch that looks the least like DW.

Cotton On $17.22 (Online Exclusive Price), $24.95 (Original Price)

4. Qoo10 Watch
This is the cheapest watch online. It lasts about one month based on my experience of owning one. Buy at your own risk! But these vendors are not that bad, they actually offer a wide array of nylon straps at a very cheap price and the straps are pretty much standard, they are not much different from the DW ones which costs around $50 a piece.
5. Do It Yourself
I assume many of you have watches lying around that are still functioning but you are not wearing it because their leather straps are either torn or flaking. You can reuse those watches by buying the DW straps from Qoo10 to replace the old straps. Or you could buy a watch you want and replace it with the strap you bought from Qoo10. It is the best of both worlds. You get the watch face you want and the strap you like! It is especially good for those who can't tell time without numbers, you could just buy a numbered watch and replace the strap.


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