Ritz Chicken in a Biskit Review

Ritz Chicken in a Biskit Box
Shape of Ritz Chicken Biskit
Ritz Chicken in a Biskit is the perfect bite-sized afternoon snack to curb your hunger pangs. The oven baked biscuit has a mild chicken flavor and a distinct toastyness that only comes from oven baked snacks. As compared to McCoy chicken flavored chips that's overloaded with chickeny saltiness, this biscuit's mild flavor makes it a delight to be enjoyed in large amounts.

Verdict: B+
It's worth trying if you are looking for savory biscuits to satiate your afternoon hunger. Furthermore, it's healthy because it's oven baked not fried!

Sold at: NTUC, Cold Storage and other major supermarkets.
Price: $2
Made in China


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