Dreams Don't Work Unless You Do.

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I have this quote hanging on my wall to remind me to stop dreaming so much and start doing work. I'm sure all of you have a dream or a goal you want to achieve. I have one as well and an incredible plan to achieve it. However I tend to procrastinate a lot. I will tell myself excuses that it isn't the "right time" or I didn't have "enough" resources. 

Matter of fact, there is never a right time and you will never have enough resources.

So the awesome idea will just sit in my head. Then as time passes it will resurface again and each time the idea will become better and the dream becomes more surreal. I feel like I'm progressing towards my goal whenever i think of how good my plan is.

There's a word that describes it pretty well, "Brain Crack". It was mentioned by Ze Frank, Buzzfeed Vice President of video. You see brain crack occurs when you don't do anything about your dreams and letting it simmer in your head. Just by thinking about the plan, you manage to convince yourself that you are achieving your goals and you feel happy about it. But in reality you are doing nothing. You are just dreaming about it.

That's why a good way to counter that behavior is to start doing something! Mark Manson's article about productivity provides a good guide on how to cure that insidious brain crack. You start by working on a small or menial task. And by completing the task, it will provide you the motivation and inspiration to do more. It is like a signal to yourself  that "Hey I can do this!". Slowly you will build the momentum and in no time you will achieve your dreams.

It may sound easy but it is hard to break past that usual habit of yours and mine. That's why after reading this article you should start immediately and stop making excuses.

The right time is now and in the wise words of Shia Labeouf, JUST DO IT!


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