Chase Your Dream, Don't be a Fool by Living Someone else's Life

Sunday Quote
Many a time we are subconsciously shaped by people's expectation of us. We all have a dream back then, it was loud and burning in our hearts but as life goes on it was drowned out by the opinions of others. Their discouraging words trampled on our courage. Their expectations became our reality, because our dreams were never "Realistic" enough.
I was a fool back then. I didn't know how to react to their criticisms and expectations. I did nothing fearing that I would disappoint them.

But looking at their lives, I knew I didn't want to end up like them. They once had dreams, but they were like me, fools who chose to gave up their dreams to live the life of others because their lives were safer and realistic.

For once, I wanted to think about myself. About my dream. I'm not selfish at all, for what reasons can they call me selfish when they were forcing their expectations down my throat.

So for once I decided to be selfish and pursue my dreams.


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