7 Interesting Facts about Psychology Students

1. We Can't Read Your Mind
We study the mind and behavior of humans. Mutants don't exist. Period.

2. We Can't Mind Control You
Refer to above statement on mutants.

3. Most of Us are never Going to Become a Psychologist
Only a small percentage of us are selected go on to further studies to become a psychologist. Unless you are extremely good, if not you would just be someone who studied psychology.

4. Studying Psychology is not as Easy as it seems
Even though humans are the center of the subject, it is not all common sense. Humans are a complicated bunch. Sometimes the most obvious phenomenon is the least obvious one.

5. I'm not Qualified to Save you from your Mental Misery
Just like the ice cream uncle needs a license to sell you ice-cream, I'm afraid my course of study does not grant me the license to counsel you. But I could "Treat" you with ice-cream if you want? :)

6. We Read and Write a lot of Research Papers
It's a haven for writers but hell for the hyperactive kid who can't sit still & concentrate (me).

7. Psychology Students are Good Salesperson
We conduct so much surveys with people that we become masters of persuading and cajoling.


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