7 Best Types of Shoes for School


As we all know University and Poly lasts about 3 years and we all need a shoe that is good looking and could endure the wear and tear from walking between classes. For a first timer, and even a fashionable person, you might find choosing the perfect shoe a daunting process. Having to research where to buy it, asking friends whether the shoe is any good sure is troublesome and takes up a lot of our time.

So to save yourself from the hassle, we will be covering the trendiest shoes to the most iconic shoes. Each with it's unique look and style to suit your tastes. And if you are looking for a bag you can consider checking out the "Top 7 Herschel Bag"

1. Sports Shoes

Nike Shinsen Trainers / Nike Roshe Run
Sport shoes has been the hottest trend recently. Many new and modern designs have been emerging, breaking away from the ugly sport shoe look. Due to the ergonomics of the shoes, it is made to provide utmost comfort to its wearer which is perfect for traveling between classes. With modern design and comfort offered by the latest technology in sports science, you will be hard pressed to make it one of your essential shoes this school year.

ASOS $146.86

2. Desert Boots

ASOS Desert boots in Suede
It is the most versatile shoe of all. The desert boots could be worn daily by pairing it with just your standard t-shirt and jeans to create a mature and smart look. And it could also be paired up with your dress shirt and pants for your business presentations and internships without looking out of place. The desert boots is definitely a must have for every business student.

ASOS $87.68

3. Plimsolls
Source: I Am Galla

Factorie Plimsolls
The essential shoe for everyone and the most affordable one. Plimsolls are known for its comfort just like the sport shoe. It's neutral white color allows it to be paired with any style. If you prefer simplistic, go with the classic black and white combination. Or you could go with the classic summer look with just a plain colored t-shirt and khaki berms.

Zalora $24.95

4. Sneakers

Converse Sneakers
The iconic sneakers that all our teenage self yearns for. Even though we had grown up, that doesn't mean that Converse are not relevant anymore. It's unique red colored design with it's blend of white soles and shoe laces give any outfit a preppy look. At the end of the day, life is all about living the adventure.

Zalora $65.90

5. Boat Shoes

Sperry Boat Shoes
A fasion classic. Sperry boat shoes is the definition of summer style. It is the perfect shoe for Singapore's all year round summer weather. The shoe comes in a variety of colors to match your outfit. It is comfortable and easy to slip on. The shoe is best coupled with bright or navy colored shirts. Definitely a must have for all Singaporeans, it's like the upgrade version of the slipper, and it looks a lot better than it.

Zalora $169

6. Boots

Timberland Classic Premium Boots
Timberland are built to last a lifetime. A symbol of masculinity and resilience. It is perfect for people who likes to wear dark colors. It may be pricey but its quality is worth every buck you invest in. The boot is waterproof and a height booster and it also prevents you from getting stepped on by others in the train!

ASOS $350.70

7. Formal Shoes

ASOS Derby Shoes in Burgundy Leather
There is never an occasion too formal for these shoes. You might think that formal shoes are for presentations and work only. But let me tell you it could be worn to school every day. It gives the person an air of sophistication and intelligence if you paired it correctly. For example, you could pair it with the standard sweater over oxford shirt with chinos. On another note, don't you feel like a Kingsman in it?

ASOS $153.43


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