Top 7 Herschel Bags for School!

Kanken is out and Herschel is here to stay. Herschel has managed to set itself apart from other brands through its modernized retro design. With its eye for detail and quality, each bag evokes a distinct character that is irreplaceable. With its brand established only less than a decade ago, it has become a favorite of fashion influencers and millenials.

I being a Millenial is a big fan of Herschel. With its wide array of unique designs, one would be spoilt for choice when it comes to deciding his/her bag for school. So I thought I would share with you some of my favourite designs and hopefully it could help you narrow down some of your choices.

The Original
The famous Herschel Backpack. Mention the name Herschel and one would immediately think of this bag. Casual and preppy. One that is filled with youthful zeal that is ready to go on an adventure anytime of the day.

Zalora $149 

Classic Black
Another one of Herschel's classic backpack. With its matte black canvas and brown leather strap, it denotes a sense of seriousness and grit. Someone that is hard to back down and unafraid to try out new things.

Zalora $149

The Kingsman
The bag evokes an air of sophistication that bears similarities with the classic Kingsman. An archaic design that dates back to old James Bond movie, modernized with simplistic monochrome colors. It enthralls any stranger that cast its sight on it

Asos $120.55

Male Model Bag
Simple yet elegant. A simple bag that complements a complex character. Signalling to others that the bearer is more than just a simple man/woman on the street.

Asos $87.68
International Traveler
The laid back travel bag. Life is all about fun and enjoyment. Even when stresses are abound in school, one does not let it run his life. Its all about living the adventure.

Zalora $135

A leader in his field. Elite in its own right.

Asos $284.95

Artistic Rebel
The inner rebel, its neon red straps reminds me of Andy Warhol's art pieces. A rebel against monotony. Life is about the freedom to express oneself.

Zalora $135


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