Free Amazon Shipping to Singapore!

Free Amazon Shipping to Singapore
Amazon Books Singapore

Did you know that Amazon has free shipping to Singapore? However, the free shipping comes with the condition of spending a minimum of $125 USD, which is around $178 SGD? That's the reason why I've been apprehensive about buying from Amazon. That's a lot of things i have to buy in order to get free shipping.

Nevertheless, i finally found enough books to fill up the minimum. So i thought why not try it? If it's good then i can continue to buy from them.

So i received my amazon package in a week, which is pretty fast. The books' condition were fine, although there were minor nicks and dents. I felt that they could have put in newspapers or styrofoam to cushion the books. Overall i would buy from Amazon again if i have many things i want to purchase. The only downside is having to spend a lot of money which is quite painful for a student.

If you are thinking of getting electronic gadgets i suggest you do some research first, because they are using a different plug from ours. If you are getting clothes and shoes, Amazon would be great since it's not easy to be damaged unlike books.

Verdict: A-


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