Virgin Yacht Trip at Sentosa Cove

sentosa cove yacht
sentosa cove
yacht captain

So it was my friend's 21st birthday and we celebrated it on a yacht. I gotta thank her. I don't think I will ever get a chance to be on a yacht if not for her birthday. We sailed off at 6pm from Sentosa Cove to an island nearby. The water was quite choppy when we sailed off, but it didn't ruin the entire experience as the water became more level when the night approaches.

The weather was cool and windy as the sun disappeared behind the horizons. It felt liberating as the ocean breeze blew against my face while the smell of the ocean was rejuvenating. And when the sky turned dark we headed to the floating platform to catch the NDP rehearsal fireworks. Seeing the skyscrapers light up against the dark skies was breathtaking. Overall, it was a unique and eye opening experience to be on a yacht sailing through the city except for the part where I got sea sick :(


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