The Quest for National Day Tickets

majulah singapura
Credits: Straits Times

I still remember the times when there was no ballot system for National Day tickets. It's either you wait till you are primary 5, or you queue up for the tickets at some army camp or stadium. It was a yearly affair for my family to queue up for the NDP tickets. The queue for the tickets always start days before the actual date of distribution. So you would see people setting up sleeping bags and yoga mats to stay overnight.

There was once, we were staying overnight at an army camp and I was down with fever. Come to think of it now, I realized how horrible the situation was. If you ask me to queue again, I wouldn't. But when you are a kid you don't think so much about the discomfort, it was just fun camping time with the family.

Thinking back, the most memorable part for me was seeing and experiencing, for the first time, the Singapore Spirit. Everyone in the queue were all in it together. What started out as an awkward situation, ended up turning into something like a neighborhood nights out. People were making friends with one another. Families of different races and background having pot luck together. Children of those families playing together while their parents were chit-chatting to pass time. In the most cliché way possible, it was truly a Uniquely Singaporean experience that I will never forget.


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