[SG 50] Teacher, Why You get KFC while We get Mcdonalds?

In celebration of SG50, I thought I would share my Primary 5 experience at NDP. I could still remember my friends and I watching the national day parade for the first time.

I remember we were all speculating on what we were having for dinner at NDP. Some were hopeful of getting KFC, while some thought they would give us Cai Fan. At that time getting to eat KFC at NDP was like striking 4D! The Food Hierarchy goes like this, KFC, McDonalds, lastly Cai Fan. Standard were McDonalds. If your school cheapo then you get Cai Fan.

The most exciting day has arrived. As we got seated down at our allocated area at the Padang. My friends and I began looking around at students from other schools, trying to see what they were having for dinner. There were students eating Cai Fan nearby and my friends assured one another that we confirm not getting that!

"We confirm get KFC! Guarantee plus chop!" My friend shouted as he did the chopping action, "Can you smell it? It's for us!"

The fragrant aroma of KFC's original recipe chicken began to permeate the air around us. We were confident we were getting it. Our stomachs churning and our hearts beating rapidly and tingly with excitement.

Then the teacher handed us a McDonald's cup. We were confused. Then she brought out a big transparent bag full of McChicken wrapped in it's iconic yellow wrapper... Our hopes were dashed. But where did the KFC smell come from? 

We slowly traced the smell to the back of our area and we stared with eyes wide-opened. Our teachers digging into boxes of KFC. Oh such an outrageous sight! I still can't shake off that nightmare till this day. How can they eat KFC while we eat McChicken! ARgh!! I swear I binged on KFC after the parade.


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