Reasons Why You will Never Master that Music Instrument!

I believe everyone have that moment of wanting to learn how to play a music instrument after seeing an impressive music performance. You thought it was cool to be able to play an instrument and you could impress people with it. And in the heat of the moment you decided to buy the instrument and you assured yourself that you would take time to learn the instrument. 

But, while you were preparing to buy your instrument, there was a faint voice nagging at you not to waste money buying instruments and taking up music lessons. It tells you that you know yourself very well that you would not last more than a month or even one day. But it was a faint voice after all, so that faint voice was lost between the heat of your impulses. 

After a month, you realized the faint voice was right again. Your instrument left at the corner of your room collecting dust.

You refused to accept the fact, thus you came up with the same excuse that you didn't have enough time or you were not talented enough so you decided to move on.

But, sometime in the future you will see a wonderful performance again, the performer re-ignites your motivation. The cycle repeats and you end up with an empty wallet and a beaten soul.


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