Binggrae Korean Fish Ice Cream Review

Korean fish ice creamIndividual pack of the fish ice cream
opening the korean fish ice cream
korean fish ice cream fillings

The Korean Fish Ice Cream boasts a fish shaped wafer encased around a slab of vanilla ice cream filled with red bean paste. The unique fish shaped ice cream makes it very eye catching amongst other common ice cream selections. 

Initially, I thought the fish body was made out of thick bread, instead it was made out of soft wafer that tasted a lot like Mcdonald's vanilla cone that "Lau Hong" (lose it's crispiness). The vanilla wasn't overly strong as the ice cream's sweetness dominated my taste buds. The red bean paste tasted exactly like the Tau Sar Pau's paste. The paste lends itself to the ice cream's sweetness, however I felt the amount of red bean paste wasn't enough.

Verdict: B
Overall, the Korean Fish Ice Cream is worth trying if you fancy interestingly shaped ice cream with an Asian twist. But on a personal note, I wouldn't buy it again. The fishy novelty wears off eventually and you are left with an ice cream that is neither excellent nor bad.

Sold at: Most NTUC
Price: $9.90 (discounted price), $10.95 (original price)
Made In Korea


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