Where to Buy Loafer Socks in Singapore? (Boat Shoes Socks)

The non slip material that prevents the socks from slipping off your heels

You know what is the worst thing when it comes to wearing Loafers and Boat shoes? Finding the right socks for the shoes and getting socks that does not slip off your heels. Even though loafers and boat shoes have become popular in the recent years, it is still difficult to find a store that sell socks for these shoes. And most importantly sell socks that stops slipping off your heels.

But fret not, I found out that Uniqlo is selling this non-slip socks for Loafers and Boat shoes! Kudos to Uniqlo for selling it! They did a wonderful job by solving the problem of socks slipping with a very tight fitting sock and a rubbery non-slip material at the back of the socks.

To test it out, I worn the pair of socks to USS for the whole day. As you all know, you have to walk a lot at USS and the socks didn't slip off my loafers at all! The socks fitted tightly around my feet and the rubbery material acted as an added secure to my heels.

Verdict: A*
All in all, Uniqlo has done an excellent job solving the major issue of socks slipping. And with the wide presence of it's stores and it's wide range of affordable apparels, it has became a one stop solution to all of our basic fashion needs.

Available Colours: Black, Dark Gray, Dark Blue
Sold at: Uniqlo
Price: 3 pairs for $14.90
Made In China


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