Moral Trouble! Should I Give the Auntie Money to take Taxi?

So I was heading towards Somerset to find my friends. Out of nowhere, an auntie approached me and asked me to give her $2 to take taxi home.

Now here's the problem, do I give her my money or reject her and ask her to look for somebody else?

My initial thought was, "is she trying to con me?" In the end, I asked her to look for someone else.

I felt a bit guilty for not giving her the money, but I remembered that there were conman featured in the news using similar tricks. Also, I thought there was no need for her to ask people for money. She could had took a taxi home and told the driver to wait for her while she go back home and get money to pay him.

That's my thoughts on this incident, what do you think? What would you do if she had approached you?


  1. $2 how to take taxi? can't even cover the initial fare. if an elderly approach me for $2 to buy bread/food, i'll give without a second thought. it's really just $2. but $2 to take taxi? a definite no.

    1. Yeap, i agree with you too. I assumed since she intended to be at Orchard, she should have the ability to get back home. I find it hard to believe that she got stranded at orchard of all places. I'm just wondering if it was an auntie instead of an elderly that approached you at orchard road for money to buy food, would you had given her the money?

  2. It's definitely a con. That's not even enough for the boarding fee. I have encountered the same before at Ngee Ann City.


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