First Time at Universal Studios!

floral shirt
universal studios singapore
universal studios singapore
dining at kt grill
english decor
Guardians at USS
The Far Far Away castle at USS
buildings at USS
Starbucks at Universal studios
USS Starbuckschilling at starbucks

So, I happened to receive free tickets to Universal Studios because I helped out in SEA games. It's quite embarrassing to say this, but it was my first time going to Universal Studios. When you have no girlfriend and when your friends only want to go during Halloween, it becomes very hard to go USS when you are afraid of horror.

I've always been fascinated with the surroundings in Universal Studios. They look so inviting from the pictures on Instagram. And I must say, seeing it in real life was a breathtaking experience. The moment I stepped in, I felt like I was transported into another world.

I managed to take the Mummy ride and Transformers ride before motion sickness hit me. The two rides were exhilarating but the waiting time were painfully long. Thankfully, my friends and I got to enjoy till 10+pm because only SEA games volunteers were allowed after 7pm, if I'm not wrong. So the waiting time dropped from 2hrs to a mere 5 mins.

For dinner, my friends and I ate at KT grill which was disgustingly bad and expensive. Can you believe it? $18 for an extremely dry half chicken with sides of vegetables that looks like leftovers! The only salvaging attraction about the place was it's English decor that is somewhat Instagram worthy.


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