[Fashion Dilemma] Sticker on Caps?!

 new era cap with sticker
Have you seen this trend before? I think it's damn ridiculous and it is getting from bad to worse. Initially, people kept the round sticker at the center. Then recently I saw more and more guys keeping all the stickers!

Someone needs to enlighten me on this trend. Is it because they want to show it's authenticity? or preserve the value in hopes of reselling it? I really don't know. Either way sounds damn stupid. Most importantly it looks very, very ugly.

Personally, I think a fashion trend should be followed when it actually looks good. For example, the sport shoes trend looks good and sporty. It goes well with Singapore's weather and it gives that sporty summer look. It's also comfortable as well with the foam cushion from the sport shoes.

And if you think that this trend happens only in Singapore, watch the video below and think again.


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