7 things in MRT that makes your Morning Perfect!

by Daarwarsik

1. Picked the Right Gantry!
Yes! My queue was not jammed by some goondu who never top up their card!

2. Card still got Money!
Sui arh! Smoothly got through, no need to top up my card!

3. Train came right when you reached the Gate!
Damn lucky! No need to wait under the hot weather.

4. Train not Crowded!
For once I won't have to touch someone's clammy arms.

5. Getting your Favorite Spot on the Train!
Nothing beats getting your favorite spot! Feels nice and comfy, away from pushy people.

6. Air-con working!
Aye! I pay so much money at least the air-con must work right? The weather si bei hot leh.

7. Nobody smell like Shit!
 Wah seh! Finally everybody remember to bath. Smell so nice everywhere!


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