7 Effective Methods to Stop Procrastinating in Polytechnic

Thinking back, my life in polytechnic was filled with endless amount of essays and projects (I had 9 a Sem!). Back then, procrastination was my best friend. My fingers aren't even enough to count the times I burnt the midnight oil!

I bet you are very much like me. Serious procrastinator. So instead of letting procrastination ruin your life, why not just stop procrastinating? I thought I would share with you how I overcame procrastination in Polytechnic.

1. Breaking Assignments into Smaller Chunks!
We are often intimidated by work that seems so large. Assignments by nature are big because we are given plenty of time to complete it. Breaking the work into small workable chunks makes it easier for you to manage!

2. Have a To Do List
Everyone needs a To Do List. It gives you objectives to follow and it keeps you focused. Also, tearing up your completed list after you have completed it is damn satisfying!

3. Set a Deadline
The deadline your lecturer set for you is not gonna work. You just gonna procrastinate till last minute and burn the midnight oil again. You have to set an earlier deadline for yourself so you can have time to finish and edit your work.

4. Reward Yourself!
What's the point of working so hard when you don't reward yourself? The occasional Ben & Jerry's is necessary for motivating yourself to complete your assignments :)

5. Stop doing Work with Your Friends!
Time and time again, every polytechnic student commit this mistake. You will just get distracted and gossip all day long without completing anything. Seriously! Just do your work alone! Nothing shameful about being alone at starbucks doing your work!

6. Fear
Sometimes you just need to imagine the shit that is going to happen to you if you don't do your assignments. Think about your horrible future if you don't do well in school.

7. Just Do Something!
Seriously?! Why are you still on my blog?! You should be hitting your books now. Just start on something. Anything!

Sometimes we are so scared, that we don't do anything. You have to start doing something, do a little at a time until you gain momentum. When there is momentum, it is hard to stop. Start by writing a paragraph or a sentence and gradually write more everyday. In no time you would be finishing your assignment.


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