6 kinds of Kids that Plays Blindmice at the Playground

Dragon Playground by Jimmy Tan, Picture cropped

1. The Partially Blind Mice 
He will never close his eyes properly. No matter where you hide, he will always catch you.

Photo by Shankar S.

2. Orang Utan
Professional blindmice player. He could probably represent Singapore in gymnastics. Always climbing on top of roofs and swinging from pole to pole. Hardly gets caught.

3. "Siao On" Kia 
While everyone avoided being the blindmice, this guy always volunteers to be one. I never understood why would anyone volunteer themselves. But he has everyone's respect for being so "On" about volunteering to be the tribute.

4. Average Kid 
You hate being the blindmice. Yet you can't help it but get caught sometimes, because you are never as good as Orang Utan boy. You are the average kid who tries his best but is not talented enough to join the prestigious Orang Utans club.

5. The Happy Camper 
Gets caught every time because he always hides in the same spot without fail. Don't know whether his lazy or just damn lousy at hiding.

6. Guai Lan Kia 
Always like to disturb everyone, whether you are a friend or foe, blindmice or not. They will find someway to make you get caught or make you hit the pole if you are the blindmice. They just want to watch the world burn. [cue: Maniac laughter]


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