3 Steps to Achieve Impossible Things in Life

Try recalling what you did last weekend. Were you browsing the web aimlessly? Constantly checking your FB & Instagram? Looking through ASOS for clothes to buy? Or lazing in bed?

Have you ever catch yourself stumbling to describe what you did during the weekends? And feeling a sense of guilt that you did nothing worth mentioning? While your successful friends always have something exciting going on in their lives?

Imagine your life like your successful friends. Someone asks you what you did during the weekends and you reply passionately about the newest project you are working on and it's life changing! You could be planning a backpack trip around Asia? Working on a business idea? Or organizing a fundraising event for students who needs help?

Many of the activities I mentioned requires effort to get out of your comfort zone. We are often bound by our fears of uncertainty and the comforts of our old routine. Through this post I hope to provide you with a simple guide to overcome these hurdles in hopes of achieving impossible things you want in life. And for once, your weekend will be worth talking about.

1. What's your motivation?
Firstly, you have to ask yourself what is your motivation to step out of your comfort zone? Because having a weekend worth talking about isn't enough to motivate you to overcome these obstacles.

My motivation is I want to prove to everyone that I could accomplish something in life. I was never a high achiever of any sorts. So I wanted to prove my capabilities through this blog. Also I knew my writing skills is horrible so the blog provides a platform for me to practice my writing.

2. Start small
Having realized your motivation. You should start by doing simple tasks that is not within your comfort zone, like trying new food or taking a different route to school. There is no instant solution to overcome the obstacles instantly. It is a gradual process as you slowly overcome fear through completing simple tasks and progressing to bigger tasks that you are interested in but afraid to try because it evokes more fear and anxiety.

I started with something small like trying out new food and helping random strangers when they need help. Then I progressed to something bigger like performing in a theater play and planning an overseas trip for my friends. I slowly became more confident to try out new things.

3. Consistent effort
It is important to know that it takes consistent effort to overcome your fears and the comforts of your old habits. Your friends might diss your efforts when you do something out of "character", but you must remind yourself the reason you are doing it in the first place and persevere on.

I learned to ignore the naysayers and do my own things. True friends would support whatever you do and would give you constructive criticism.

4. Record your achievements
As you overcome hurdles, it is important to record your achievements no matter how insignificant it may be. Reward yourself and celebrate every accomplished task. There will be times when you feel exhausted and want to quit, the record will serve to remind you of the progress you made.

I write down all my thoughts, achievements and targets in a notebook. The amount of pages I've gone through reminds me of the progress I achieved.

Ultimately, as you overcome fear and become more confident in trying new things in life. You will find yourself eager to share with your poly friends the interesting things you did during the weekends.

I hope that you find this post useful. I've been improving on my ability to write better guides. It has been a rough journey, nevertheless I still persevere on in hopes of helping someone out there through this blog.


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