Minion Tic Tacs Review

Minions tic tac box front
Side of the merchandiseIngredients of the tic tacs

Amidst the Minions craze, many Minions merchandise have been released. One of it is the Limited Edition Minions Tic Tacs that's banana flavour. The Minion Tic Tac's box is bigger than the regular sized Tic Tacs, which contains more Tic Tacs than the regular ones.

A whiff of the Tic Tacs I picked up a smell of plum. Very odd. But the Tic Tacs tasted like banana! As the Tic Tacs dissolved in my mouth, I could taste a tinge of citrus. The Minion Tic Tacs wasn't very sweet, so you could pop a lot of Tic Tacs at one go.

Verdict: C+
The Minion Tic Tacs tasted like any other banana flavour sweets. I see no reason for anyone to buy such a big and expensive box of Tic Tacs, unless you are a fan of Minions then you should get it for the sake of keeping it as memorabilia.

Sold at: NTUC & some Giant Supermarkets
Price: $5.95
Made in Ireland


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