[MRT Troubles!] Should I Give Up My Seat?

picture of circle line train from flickr

Ever so often I would find myself faced with the difficult situation of whether should I give up my seat or not. I blame myself for being lazy. I should've stand and not suffer under this awkward situation. 

You see, i was on my seat and there came a somewhat old lady. "Somewhat" meant that she appeared to be kinda old, but her hair was dyed blonde and she was dressed like an out of time diva. She didn't show any signs of fatigue or discomfort while i was deliberating over giving up my seat. 

You see the problem is I want to give up my seat because she looks old and also i don't want to get Stomp. However, my concern is would she be offended by being offered a seat? She made quite an effort to avoid looking old and frail you know?

You see the whole problem right? Have you encountered such situations before? If you did please share your thoughts in the comment box below.

Anyway, i didn't give up my seat. Acted oblivious, lowered my head and continued reading my book.


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