8 Types of Fast Food Customers that Pisses Me Off

Why do I always pick the slowest queue?! I bet that somewhere in my genes, i am predisposed to picking the worst queues whenever I'm at a fast food restaurant.

So I was at kfc to get dinner and it took me more than 20 minutes to reach the counter! The queues beside me were moving twice my speed. You see, the problem is the people in front of me. I was the unlucky one to get all kinds of irritating customers in my queue.

1. Auntie on the Phone

Lets start with the one closest to the counter. The "auntie on the phone", always like to last minute then call her kids to ask what they want. Instead of checking with her kids beforehand, she decided to wait till she reached the counter then call them.

2. Blur Kok

Behind the auntie was the blur kok. There always seems to be a blur kok in every queue. They just squint their eyes and their mouth wide opened with a blur look on their face. They never know what to order or how to order.

3. Empress Dowager

After the blur kok, the queen arrived. At first, I felt a glimmer of hope when this simple looking lady ordered her food as per normal. Then comes the dreaded part.

She started asking for small cup, big cup, warm water, cold water, ketchup, fork and spoons. The staff took forever to appease her majesty. And having appeased her majesty, she just walked off without thanking her server-nt. She truly befit the status of royalty. Up and above the social status.

4. The Man with a Thousand Descendents

The worst descended upon my queue, when a group of family joined the lonely guy behind the queen. I was witnessing the results of our country's policy with my own eyes. It wasn't a lonely affair anymore it became a family carnival with a Grand Feast.
The staff had no choice but to call his manager for help because there were too many orders to handle.

5. Healthy Hipster

I call him the "Atas Healthy Hipster" who always order expensive healthy food that no one will ever order. He asked for mineral water which made the server run to the store room to dig for one. And he ordered the grilled Roasta burger which took forever to grill.

I never understood these people. What is the point of eating at a fast food restaurant when you still want to be so healthy? You might as well don't eat! Right?

6. "I want to know everything" dude

Gone was the healthy hipster and came the enthusiastic dude with a million questions about the new burger. Like a annoying 5 year old kid constantly asking why why why. Even the server also didn't know how to answer his ridiculous question of  

"How many calories are there in the burger?" 

I had already gone mad at this point in time. I think at the speed I'm going, I may die of hunger instead of obesity.

7. Mr 随便 (Anything)

So this young looking chap was looking at the menu for the whole time while waiting in line. It was until he reached the counter then I realized he was one of those 随便 person. They are spoilt for choice and could never decide on anything, so every time they let others decide for them. He look look look still cannot make up his mind.

8. Complain queen

It was finally my turn! Damn Happy! Then out of nowhere an auntie cut into my queue and started complaining about her table not being cleaned... She refused to leave till someone cleans her table.

Come to think of it, this is truly Singapore isn't it? You see how the customers are a reflection of our country's melting pot culture. Different generation and different culture together.

Speaking of our country this year is SG50. Great year isn't it? Got extra holiday! And I hope all retail store runs 50% discount during national day! Haha. Anyway, I applied for the National day tickets and hopefully I get it :O


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