Where to buy Snyder's Pretzels in Singapore

picture of snyders pretzels

It's Saturday, and a time to wind down. Just like a typical Singaporean, food is quintessential to a perfect weekend. So i went to Cold Storage to get some snacks, to eat while watching Parks and Recreation.

Snyder Pretzels is one of the tastiest snack sold at Cold Storage. And I always make sure i get it when I'm at Cold Storage.

a look inside the bag of snyders

Right out of the pack you get a strong whiff of cheddar cheese and pretzel. Inside are broken pretzel pieces seasoned evenly with large amount of cheddar cheese. If you are a fan of Doritos nacho cheese you would definitely like this!

pouring the pretzels into bowl

The small bite size pieces makes it a joy to eat. It is convenient and hardly leaves any crumbs.

Taking a bite of it, you could taste a roasty-ness in the pretzels. The roasted taste complements the savoriness of the cheese very well. It's like roasted cheese. And as you munched longer, you could get a sense of spice on your tongue.

snyders cheddar cheese pretzels
I got mine from the Cold Storage at Causeway Point
The subtle taste of spice completes the pretzel. It breaks the monotony of the strong cheddar cheese, makes it more addictive and palatable as you devour everything.

Verdict: A
Snyder Pretzels is an amazing treat if you are craving for something cheesy. In the words of KFC, it is finger lickin good. A must have when you are at Cold Storage.

Sold at: Every Cold Storage in Singapore


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