My Perfect Weekend Breakfast - The Starbucks Experience

I think I've forgotten what a perfect weekend is like. Until i experienced it recently. My friend and I was having breakfast at Starbucks after attending our good friend's POP.

Even though I've worked at Starbucks. I never had the experience of having breakfast at Starbucks as a customer.

Having done it, I would say it was one of most relaxing and enjoyable moments i had for quite some time.

I think Starbucks have gotten too much bad rep since the surge of hipster cafes. Nevertheless, the unique Starbucks experience is something other cafes can never replicate.

Sitting on a couch in a cozy corner, listening to the mellow sound of jazz and the strumming of the bass as it echoes throughout the cafe. I wondered what was the song being played. Very soothing. Instead of pondering, I begin appreciating the music. Letting the moment set in and slowly becoming conscious and present in that very moment.

The constant murmuring from the patrons brings a sense of liveliness to the cafe. The occasional laughter breaking out from the ladies in front. The Caucasian man at the corner looking at pictures on his laptop. I looked over curiously. It was his family. I wondered what it's like to live away from your children.

The scent of roasted coffee and the hissing of milk steaming. The Barista sets the mug on the counter top and thumps his pitcher on the counter to break the excess bubbles. He pours the milk delicately into the mug trying to craft what seems like a heart.

To me the perfect weekend breakfast is comfort. Minimal effort for good food. Placing the importance on enjoying the moment rather than chasing "obscure cafe" credentials. It is simply enjoying the Saturday morning without having to worry which new cafe to visit.


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