Tokyo Banana and Strawberry Kit Kat Review!

So one of my Japanese friend went to visit his grandparents and came back with Tokyo Banana and Strawberry Kit Kat for us!

original tokyo banana, caramel flavor banana and strawberry kit kat
original tokyo banana

The original Tokyo Banana is like the superior version to Twiggies. Just like the Hulk is to Loki :) It is soft and fluffy, and breaks apart with the lightest bite. The packaging was well thought out which includes a plastic tray that envelop the banana protecting it from breaking apart.

the banana fillings

As i bit into it, the banana paste flows out of the soft bread, filling my mouth with heavenly sweetness. The paste's sweetness was on the mild side. The taste of Banana wasn't overpowering, leaving me wanting for more. It did not taste like Twiggies at all and i absolutely hate Twiggies! It was as though Twiggies copied Tokyo Banana.

Verdict: It would have been perfect if the banana flavor was strong enough. But, it is definitely worth trying. After all it is the superior version of Twiggies.

caramel banana

And just when i thought the original version was superior! Meet Tokyo Banana's pretty sister, the Caramel Tokyo Banana! It is definitely a looker with it's nicely decorated brown patterns and the cute ribbon on the packaging.

the spotted design of the caramel tokyo banana

It is not one that is attractive without substance. A whiff of it, i smell something familiar but i couldn't figure out what it was... Then i realized it's the smell of Mcdonalds Pancake! Crazy isn't it?! It brought back a lot of fond memories when having mcdonalds breakfast was the best thing in the world.

caramel filling

It was fluffy and soft like the previous Tokyo Banana. It's paste was slightly sweeter and tasted vaguely like caramel. The pancake smell was overpowering which i liked a lot! However, i still feel that the banana taste could be a lot stronger though. Imagine Mcdonalds banana pancake with syrup?! ARgghhh!!

I think that if it was heated up in a microwave, it would be a thousand times better! Just like Starbucks molten chocolate cake! Think about the hot banana paste in your mouth as you bite into it... :O

Verdict: If you see this around make sure you get yourself one. In fact one isn't going to be enough. Definitely worth emptying your bank account for!! hahaha!

strawberry kit kat
3 packet of kit kat per box

This came in a bigger box with smaller boxes like this. I think it is made as a gift to others, with the back panel for writing messages. I wonder if anybody would write on it though.

writing panel behind the box
melted strawberry kit kat

The kit kat was already melting when i took it out of the box. Note: never leave it near the window.
Okay, the kit kat smells and tastes like strawberry pocky with plenty of strawberry cream. Cream lovers or Strawberry flavor lovers would adore this!

Verdict:Get it if you like strawberry sweets and pockys!


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