Green Tea with Ginseng and Honey - Arizona Tea Singapore

green tea with ginseng and honey next to glass

Do you feel the dreadful heat season is back? It's damn hot during the day, I can tell you that! And the two cans of Arizona Tea is just sitting there collecting dust. I won't say that it is not good, but I think I'm just afraid to try it. As you can see it's quite a big can.

close up of arizona green tea

Ok, so right when I opened the can, I could smell a refreshing citrus scent. Getting another whiff of it I could smell a subtle ginseng scent.

side view of arizona tea with ginseng and honey

The first sip was interesting, it was slightly sweet and the citrus just zips through the side of my tongue. For a drink called ginseng and honey green tea, this has a lot of zest. Interestingly I could not taste any ginseng at all. I'm glad because I hate bitter ginseng. Lemon green tea would be something that best describes this drink.

pouring the tea into a glass of ice

Anyway, I tried the drink with and without ice. It tasted very diluted on ice. It seems to me that the Americans doesn't have the habit of having their drinks over ice. So it is definitely recommended to just drink it from a chilled can, undiluted.

drinking arizona tea while writing notes

Having tasted the Southern style iced tea and this, I've realized that both drinks are very similar to Vitamin water. It seems that they are trying to portray themselves as an extremely healthy drink.
Of course the million dollar question is, do I become healthier after drinking it? I'm not sure. But I sure as hell could feel that I'm healthier through all the convincing benefits etched on the can.

Overall, I would say that it is definitely worth a try to see what the hype is all about and you may just like it. What can you lose anyway? And with this weather, why not?

Verdict: B+


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