Strictly Pancakes - Best Pancakes in town?

Strictly Pancakes - Best Pancakes in town?

Sometimes when life takes its toll on you, it's good to remember that there are still good friends around you. Even though poly has ended, our fyp group still catch up with one another. And, sometimes we catch up over pancakes!

Just when you thought pancakes were only for breakfast. Strictly Pancakes fulfills the dream of pancake addicts by offering pancakes for every single meal of the day. Tucked between the rows of pubs that are right up from Rendezvous Hotel. It's pancakes range from the usual butter and syrup to the unusual garlic butter prawn pancakes

The pancakes were light and fluffy. The prawns were fresh and drenched in creamy garlic butter sauce. The sauce was to die for, and for a moment i entertained the absurdity of licking the plate clean. The juicy beef skewers were grilled to perfection. And, i wondered why was there such a long queue in the first place.


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