How I Survived Poly Life

Poly Life - Back To School Advice

School is about to start again. And, that dreadful feeling of sleepless nights and uncompleted work is back. The only fun part about school starting again, is getting to see your friends. Most of the time in school i daydream and... more daydreaming.

Not just having to deal with the heaps of work. Also, having to deal with smart-asses thinking that you are an idiot...

The worst is the constant judging that happens when you are from communications or business school. To those who are studying in Singapore Poly, you know what i mean when you walk past Foodcourt 6 and everyone is staring at you?!

Sometimes it gets pretty uncomfortable and it's hard to ignore them staring at you. The voice in your mind starts to talk like a broken record. "Why are they looking at me? I feel ugly" It keeps casting doubt on you and putting you down.

I do have my fair share of insecurities as well. I was quite unprepared for poly. Poly was an unfamiliar environment with tons of criteria on being "well-liked". 

For one moment i was trying to bulk up my size. The other instance, i was trying to look better by dressing well and acting more gentleman.

My self-esteem was purely based on how others thought of me. I was mad at myself for not being able to impress everyone. There was always someone that thought I was not good looking enough, bigger enough or gentleman enough...

But as i approach the final year of poly, i began to realize that there are some things in life that i have no absolute control over. I knew i can't completely change my body size because it is based on my metabolism or how I look, which i am born with.

The only way to overcome this insecurities was to accept who i am and improve whatever that could be improved, not for others but for myself and people i care about.

I realized that i can never please everyone and i stopped trying to. And instead, i be the best i can be for the people that truly cares for me. Because those who cares for me, are people who loves me for who i am and wants me to be better.

The fact is all this is just a stage in life that we will go through. You may be experiencing a hard time dealing with such negative feelings now. 

But, you must rise to the occasion and find meaning in this suffering. And only then you will become a better person. And eventually your efforts with time, will get you through this stage of insecurity. You will look back and see how much you have flourished in these three years.

In summary these are the advice:
1. Accept things you can't change
2. Be the best that you can be for yourself and the people you care about

Also, remember to enjoy your times in poly because this will be the most exciting moments in your life that you will never forget :)


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