Thoughts on Singapore Polytechnic Graduation

singapore polytechnic graduation ceremony

The end of an arduous three year journey. As graduation day draws near, it made me thought of how much i've changed over these few years. The hardships i have been through as i grapple with the expectation of others, while figuring out my identity. I still remember the darkest period in poly when everything in life came crashing on me, when i lose my will to carry on. In hindsight, it seems like for every academic milestone, i could only remember how bad the experience was. Many people said that they will miss the days when they were in poly. I wish i had something happy to remember and hold on to.

Anyway, i'm truly grateful that i am able to graduate. The friends i made along this journey have shaped me to who i am today, a better person.

Cheers to all who are graduating this year and i hope you all look back with fond memories!


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